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Keyword Research Step By Step Guide | Beginners (2019 Update)

Well In 2019 moreover in SEO it is not wrong to Say that Keyword Research Step By Step Guide is most important article to read before starting SEO.

For those who are new and Don’t know what keywords are really for?

Here is the complete guide about Importance of Keyword Research?

Getting straight forward towards our topic.

As mentioned in BackLinko:

Keyword Research is basically Market Research

In OnPage SEO, when you start writing an article the most basic and most important thing you have to do is Keyword Research.

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Keyword Research Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Build up a list of all the terms related to your topic.

When you start thinking about creating a blog on a specific topic, lets say “Maxbounty Account Approval”, you need to think first of all that what is the market research related to this keyword and what is the competition of this keyword.

Here competition means that how much people are searching for maxbounty account approval, and what is the exact search term they are using.

How much websites are exactly working on this topic.

We have to imagine first of all about each and every possible specifications what people can use.

Let’s say at start we build a list in our mind and paste that in a notepad.

Or in other words what do you think of when you hear the word Maxbonty Approval.

start keyword research


Here is a list I made with my general thinking capacity that these are the keywords users might searching on Google.

Step 2: Use Keyword Everywhere (Chrome Extension for basic Keyword research)

Here you have to install an extension named Keyword Everywhere on chrome.

The installation process is really simple.

When you simply install and restart the chrome, go to Google and search your listed keywords one by one there.

As mentioned in below given picture the average monthly search volume will be shown below the keyword.

keyword research in google


There are three factors shown by tool below keyword.

Volume CPC Competition
Volume is the average search volume of this keyword researched by people every month in ration with per year.


(KR of Jan + KR of Feb …. KR of Dec)/12

So the average is shown here below the  keyword. It gives us idea about how much is the research.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. This is the bid of advertiser which should be paid by him if he wants to run an ad through Google Ads on this keyword. This also shows the Advertiser competition based on number of advertisers advertising on this keyword from Google Ads (Formal Google Adwords).

Remember: These results are driven out by using API of Google Keyword Planner which is a product used by Advertisers, that’s why it is showing CPC and Competition.

We don’t have to focus on this.

Step 3: Go to Google Keyword Planner for further Niche research:

Google Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google itself and is generally used by Advertisers to advertise on different topics.

As mentioned everywhere that it does not give mostly perfect ideas but it do help us a lot in searching for related Niches.

Put your query in GKP and search for related keywords.

Google keyword planner keyword research


You will get Ideas of More keywords being searched on google from GKP. Get the most related topics on which your article is been written.

Gather them up in your list and go towards finding the exact search volume of those niches.

Step 4: Visit Uber Suggest to get the exact search volume of keywords you are working on:

Now come to Uber Suggest a free keyword tool by Neil Patel.

It gives you exact monthly search volume of your keywords you are going to use in your article.

Put your keywords one by one there and get more authentic ideas of how much time your keyword is being searched on Google per month.

Go to keywords Ideas Section and search for your keyword there.

ubner suggest keyword research


I personally like this tool as it gives you idea of keyword based on social share and Domain Authority also of your competitors available in SERP.

There are other tools also for keyword research, Which also gives you more detailed overview even about KD (Keyword difficulty) Check here for “How to do Keyword Research Using tools

Step 5: Go to “Answer The Public” to get all the queries related to you topic

Now as you have got all the ideas of niches you gonna use in your article as well as their search volume data.

You need to complete your keyword idea research by gathering the queries asked on different forums and platforms related to your topic.

Here you need to go to Answer the Public platform which is connected with all the forums worldwide and it gives you ideas about what people are asking related to your topic.

As Google update in Feb 2018 has gathered up all the solution and advise the bloggers to try cover up all the queries in a single article.

The search for queries and questions has became very strong to gather up data more relevant to use them as supporting keywords and to talk about them a little in your article.

Search your query and you will get all the related questions been asked on different platforms.

research using answer the public


Here is a little example, you can scroll down to get more ideas:


The questions related to my topic are highlighted here.

Step 6: Enlist all the searched volumes in front of every keyword.

Enlist all the searched volumes and bundle of keywords you searched in a notepad in front of you.

But still one thing is left.

You have to look for competition and the competitors who are working on your topic.

Step 7: Look for the difficulty of your keyword for SEO

You can check SERP manually by putting keywords one by one in Google. Then for whole the 1st 2nd and 3rd page of google Result.

Look all the competitors who are working on your topic.

Check for the repeated websites also on multiple keywords. If there are more you have more chance to rank better in this scenario.

You can use SEOquake and MOZbar extensions to keep everything in front of your eyes.

It starts showing basic information of every website in search result.

Here is an example to help you understand everything.

seo quake and mozbar


Moreover to search for the Keyword Difficulty (How much your keyword is difficult to rank based on your competitors work).

Visit KWfinder.You just have to put your keyword there and the result will show you nearly every possible information.

how to do keyword research kwfinder


Here in the above picture The keyword difficulty of searched keyword is marked as 43/100 which is not too much hard to rank on.

The Ideal KD to start work on is lower than 50.

The more you go for less.

The more it will be easy to rank.

Let me elaborate some important points for you so that it could be easy for you to understand your competition.


The terms mentioned in front of SERP of your keyword are DA, PA, MR, MT, Links, FB, LPS, EV.

DA: Domain Authority

PA: Page Authority

MR: Moz Rank => Link Popolarity

MT: Moz Trust => Link Trust

Links: Number of Authority Backlinks

FB: Number of Social Share

LPS: Overall Link Profile Strength of the URL, calculated from DA, PA, MR, MT and other metrics. Min = 0, Max = 100.

EV: Estimated visits per month on this SERP position. Calculated from the average monthly search volume.

Step 8: Start embedding your keywords in your article.

Start embedding keywords in your article.

Look for best place for niche and place that there exactly.

I am Open for questions in comment section.
Best of Luck.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools:


SEMRush is All in One SEO Tool which is broadly used as for both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. IT gives a complete solution of Keyword Research to BackLink Tracking and building strategy. It is a paid tool but you can use it as a trial also. Go to SEMRush.com for further details.


Ahref is perfect alternative to SEMRush. It is also a complete solution of SEO. It gives you the proper understanding of your competitor as well as Keyword Research.


Soovle.com is Free of Cost tool. You can use that to see for the search terms related to your topic on different Search Engines.

It can help you building a better Keyword List.

Long Tail Pro

Long tail Pro is another awesome tool. Which is paid. But you can use its Nulled (Cracked) version also.
Long Tail Pro Cracked Download

Other Techniques

Search for Forums and see the queries asked by others on different platforms. It can help you to grow the list of queries to answer in your topic. You can also get new Keyword Ideas on forums. You can search on Google “Keyword @Forums” to search for the queries on Forum.

Learn Article Writing Complete Guide for Beginners.

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