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Importance of Keyword Research | Introduction 2019 [Updated]

Are you going to start a Website? Read this article first about Importance of Keyword Research. I promise you will never regret reading this.

There is a famous saying that:

Content is backbone, keyword is king.

It means that in SEO Keyword research is most important factor.

If you want your content to be ranked properly, the first thing you should focus on is keyword research.

Importance of Keyword research for SEO?

So you have just started a website or you are going to start a website.

You want to market your content or product properly.

Then you are at right place. Because here you will get proper guide on what to do first of all.

As mentioned above Importance of Keyword Research is Really High to start your SEO or start any article.


What is a keyword?

Any word or query a user searches on Google is a keyword.

For example if a user searches that “how to do keyword research in 2018” then this whole line is a keyword.

what is keyword research

All of us know that whatever we want to search we can search it on google.

Have you ever think of that how do Google help us find everything?

The answer is Google get every relevant website inline in front of us as per our need.

Now the question is how do Google do this?

Google simply traces out the keyword you put in search box for searching for any query or answer.

keyword research example

Then it looks for the most relevant content on the internet to inline all of them in front of you.

What is Importance of Keyword Research?

As google read up your search query and relate it to find all the relevant websites throughout the internet.

Hence it is obvious that the very first thing we have to do as a website owner is Keyword research.

“In fact the Keyword Research is Just the Market Research in 21st Century” Backlinko

So that we can make our websites most relevant of the search queries.

This will help google to find out our website also as the answer of query searched by user.

Basic things we should know about SEO.

Everything searched on internet is group of words. Normal words.

Even whenever you searched something you get all the answers.

Basically the websites came in search result are the websites which focused those keywords in their content.

Main thing to notice is that according to Importance of Keyword Research only online keyword research is enough.

There are many other things to focus.

Here is the complete guide about how to do Keyword Research

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