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How to Increase Real or Fake Tik-Tok fans | Full Guide

If you are looking how to increase Tiktok fans,then you here at right place.

Top best site in the world who provide new methods and tricks.

Tiktok biggest platform in social media where any person try to be popuplar but  you need fans.

Many person don’t know how to increase tiktok fans somebody use fake methods and tricks.

Many website and fake apple or android apps who provide your fans but they allow you share personal information like username and password you enter information then website or app use your account sometime fake websites hack your account when you login account.

How to Increase Tik Tok Fans

  1. Daily video uploaded
  2. Real content
  3. Avoid bad content 
  4. Follow for celebrity or famous person
  5. Share unique content
  6. Upload a video don’t open over and over again
  7. Upload a video at night

Now I will tell you the rest of procedure

If you want fake auto fans in tiktok then focus the method and apply the account. 

First of all open the website tikmax.us show the  link below:


yon don’t need to login only enter a username on tiktok its a world biggest and safe site

enter a tiktok user name and also remembe username have a unique ID on user.


Then choose the option what you want or what you need  like or followers/fans. scroll down or click the bluye arrow sign and choose a option likes or followers:

You increase likes or followers upto 100k. click blue arrow tick and choose the likes or followers how many generates.

If you enter a username choose the option like or fans and again choose how many send the click the button generate wait up to 30 seconds complete the account processing if you are not a robort then complete the human verification


Click the human verification and download 2 free apps,run them for 30 seconds and go back on this page.you complete the survey then fans automatically send in your account. 

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