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7 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online From Home in 2019

Up for starting earn money online.

Woo! Then you are at right place. Here you will get to know how many type of online workings are to Earn Online. You can Earn Online through Internet in 2018 using this Guide. Without wasting time lets get straight forward towards the introduction of all the working ahead.

Ways to Earn Money Online:

People are asking now a days specially newbies, about  what are the proven ways to earn online or What to do to earn online.

This article is all about what are the different ways to Earn online.

On getting too much messages in inbox and too much requests upon asking the ways.

I decided to sit on my Laptop and write this full article on introducing some online works to newbies.

The matter that How to Earn online From those works, I will definitely write articles upon explaining all the procedures.

earn money online

So this is not right article for those who are searching for how to earn online.

This article is completely for newbies to get idea of online workings and decide where to start from.

Well get straight forward towards how to earn money online in 2019

One thing I would like to say you in advance is it is not a wise thing to start each and every work you see charm in & when you start working on any thing.

Make money online through internet

Just focus on 1 thing first, build that properly, and then move forward towards next scheme.

Hope so you will enjoy this article.

7 ways to earn online through internet in 2019

  1. Youtubing
  2. Blogging
    • Event Blogging
    • Viral Blogging
    • Long term Niche Blogging
  3. Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Freelancing
  5. Digital (Crypto) Currency Exchange
  6. Web Hosting Provider
  7. Facebook Earning Program


YouTube is really old and legit way to earn money online. Some big names are still earning good from doing You-tubing. Simply you have to upload your videos on YouTube and earn from having views on them.

make money online using youtube

Again when youtubers upload videos worth watching and viewer watch their videos and specially advertisement which pops up during videos the owner of that video get $$$ for that.

But this is not that much simple though, there are some requirements to rank your video and yes exactly, I will write a complete article on what are those requirements and how to earn online from YouTube.

Blogging to earn money online:

Doing Blogging is no doubt a tough due to today’s competition but also a legit way to earn online.

But Blogging is Only a Legit Way to Earn Money Online.

Here you have to put data online in written (content) form, get traffic and views on ads published by Google Adsense on your website and Earn.

Earn through blogging

There are many other ways to earn from Blogging.

  1. Viral Blogging
  2. Event Blogging
  3. Long Term Niche Blogging

Viral Blogging

When it comes to viral blogging when we target a big news in nation or in country and write it in our blog and as early as I mentioned above in blogging introduction about when we put our ad through Google AdSense on our blog and share that blog on social media then this is called viral blogging.

Basically when we write about something which can get viral online in minutes in hours and days and when we specifically share that with others through social media we are actually doing viral blogging.

As this is also legit way to earn but it comes in short term Blogging because every time we have to look for news to upload that to our blog and every time you have to wait for some certain news.

Want To Earn Online Through Viral Blogging? Here is the Complete Guide.

Event Blogging

It comes to event blogging, when we target specific event and deliver something specifically according to that event.

Simple example is when new year is near, people start searching for new year messages, new year cover photos, new year wallpapers and new year cards etc etc.

Basically the websites which provide them those card, messages, and all the stuff those websites are basically doing event blogging.

So here it comes that it is also a part of short term blogging because it gives you advantage when the event is near only when event passes no one search for your content no one needed your content so you don’t have any specific advantage after the event is gone.

Long Term Niche Blogging

When it comes to long term niche blogging. This is specifically a blogging when you target a long-term content on your website. This is a legit way to earn money online.

For example how to sign up on Google, the topic which could be searched for years and years but the answer is always the same that you go to gmail.com, look for the registration form, put all the required fields and click on signup button, and here you go you have signed up successfully.

So this is a short example on explaining what long term niche bloggers are actually targeting and what is a long-term niche based blogging.

It comes to various ways to earn online from blogging…

But I will not discuss that here because as I told before this is article for those who are searching for the ways of earning.

This article is not for those who are searching for how to earn from these ways. I will definitely write comprehensive articles on each of the topic mentioned in this article.

How to earn through Digital Marketing

Marketing is always the base important factor of a company or a service.

No matter what you make, no matter what a company makes, if you ordered company is not marketing their product properly then there is no advantage of producing those products.

earn money online with digital marketing

Digital marketing is a legit way of marketing companies digitally online on different websites and platforms like social media Facebook, twitter, reddit etc etc.

Digital marketing is generally divided into two basic parts. Those are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How to earn through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Earn Online through SEO?

Let’s take a quick example whenever you search something on Google, a list of different websites come in result in front of you.

So let me ask you one question, which website do you open first?

Obviously the first one or the second one or the third one.

What about the website below these three results? Ok some of you may go towards them also, but tell me how much of you go to second page and third page of Google result? Sometimes, or maybe very little times.

According to Google there are over 40000 searches online on Google from all over the world every second.

And all of those searches are simply users just like you so they also don’t much go to second or third page of Google result.


So what comes to us is the most traffic websites are gaining websites are entertaining are the top 3 or top 5 or let’s take it the whole of the first page of Google result.

When there is more traffic there are more visitors, more visitors mean more views on ads which are shown by Google AdSense, and ultimately more earning.

So when we create a website and do a specific working to rank that website to the first page of Google result we actually do Search Engine Optimization.

Means the whole process we passed through to rank over website in search engine that process is called Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

When we share our blog or our product or our service on social media، we are specifically doing social media marketing.

But there are 8 different ways of targeting which I will surely discuss in expert guide of social media marketing.

This is also a legit way to Earn Online

How to earn through Freelancing

This way to earn online requires you some skills, kids like if you know how to build a website, I know how to write an SEO optimised article, how to make an Android app.

earn through freelancing

Then you can go to different freelancing websites, like freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com, and sell your skills on these platforms.

So here the main thing is that you need a proper skills that so that you can work for others from your home and get paid. Here is the list of top 15 valuable skills you can learn to be a better freelancer.

How to earn through interenet using Digital (Crypto) Currency Exchange

Digital currency has gone much viral and was hot topic in 2017. It comes up when BTC goes cost $10,000 and start raising more.

earning through Cryptocurrency

Process is that, you have to convert your currency into one of the Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and ethereum etc etc. And start trading relevant to the pricing graph of that specific cryptocurrency.

I will Surely try to manage a Crypto currency expert complete article on where to trade when to trade and how to trade to Earn Online.

How to earn money online using Web Hosting Provider

When ever a person thinks to launch his/her own website. He/She always need a hosting and domain first of all.

earn through web hosting poviding

Hosting is basically a place or space where all the data is put on. It is basic need of every website owner. There are different web hosting provider companies all over the world.

You can Google for some of them. But If you want to be a seller of web hosting in your town. You need to start a business. I will write a full article on Step By Step Guide of how to start this business to earn online through this.

How to Earn Through Facebook Earning Program:

Facebook has just introduced some of the ways to monetize content and videos on Facebook Pages. There is a certain way to get benefit from these ways.

facebook earning program

Instant Article is one of the famous way to earn money online using Facebook. It also has some of specific ways which surely is meant to be elaborated properly.

So do you want to Earn Online? Lets do it.

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