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Bulk Email Marketing Complete Guide (Inbox Guaranteed) For Beginners

Bulk Email Marketing Complete Guide is most wanted guide in 2018. Here is a complete trick for all the newbies to learn about Email Marketing in Cheap Rates.

bulk email marketing

Problem Comes when you have to target new People every time for product who didn’t subscribed for you Emails and still you want to place you Email in their Inbox.

What is email marketing

Email marketing is oldest way of marketing.

Still companies use to follow up their customers and new traffic using Email Marketing.

Basically in Email Marketing you put your data or product or information in an Email set the theme up and send to your specific Audience.

Get Free Email List for Email Marketing

Ways to do Email Marketing

There are plenty of ways to do Email Marketing but as I mentioned above that this guide is about how to do Email Marketing in bulk so that you can easily target new people in cheap ways.

Buy Bulk cPanels in cheap

First of all you have to purchase bulk cPanels.

We have our own service to provide you guys bulk cPanels as cheap as 0.5 $ per cPanel per day.

You will need this service on the very top of all others in case of doing Bulk Email Marketing.

Register Cheap Domains

You have to Register Cheap domains for your self as these Domains will help you up with your Emails to be sent surely in inbox.

You can start testing with free .tk and .ga etc domains.

But if you ask me I will recommend you to send using Cheap Domains.

Setup Email server to RoundCube

email marketing cpanel

Now when your Domain and cPanel is ready to be used.

Go to your cPanel and setup your Email ID (Domain).

Set your server Round Cube.

Because this is the only server cPanels have which uses SSL while sending Email. Open Round Cube.

Setup SSL on your domain

Now you have to setup SSL on your domain so that yo Email can be encrypted in high priority Emails.

You can use multiple services even in some cases free SSL services also. Free SSL services don’t last long though.

Focus on Ratio and Numbers

Here Comes the main trick.

Always keep in mind that Google (GMAIL) blocks every thing which is meant to be spammed.

When you target a long list and send email using your single Email ID.

It will be blocked by servers of Gmail and all the Emails will start falling in Spam Folder.

In that case you must change your Domain and cPanel.

Every cPanel has a limit of 200 Emails per hour.

But still you don’t have to send those 200 Emails straight forward using single Email ID.

Create Multiple Email ID’s

Create Multiple Email IDs from a single Domain.

Count to 5 and create 5 different email IDs.

cpanel for email marketing account

Like for abcdomain.com

I will create:






setting up email account for email marketing
emil marketing round cube

Keep the limit in mind of 200 Emails per Hour Per cPanel. Divide this limit to every email Address e.g. 40 Emails per account.

Now you have to send 40 Emails per ID and after that remove that account.

Better to send these 40 Emails in 2 parts (20 Emails first and then again 20 Emails).

It will decrease your spam ratio.

Repeat this procedure and you can send as many Emails as you want by just multiplying and repeating the process.

Keep your list ready and start sending Emails.

Thing to Keep in Mind:

Don’t put any subject.

Put all the Emails you want to send Email to in bcc section.

Just put 1 Email ID in “TO” section.

Set up Email to HTML and High Proirity as shown in Pictures Below.

writing mail for email marketing

Here in below given Picture you can see the email arrived in Inbox.

email marketing inbox guaranteed

Other Ways of Email Marketing

There are also other ways of Email Marketing using AOL and using Amazon Server also.

I would love to write on these topics also but first I want to make sure in comments that you guys really need that.

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