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How To Approve Adsense Account | Complete Guide

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I know Your Application is Getting rejected .

You are Looking for AdSense Approval trick, So Congrats you come to the Right place.I will Share Guaranteed Working Method by Which you can approve AdSense Account this Year  no matter you are using WordPress or Blogger.


Good Thing about AdSense is that it makes you complete webmaster when you are fulfilling it Approval Requirement.

Why AdSense Application is Getting rejected ?

Rejection is common problem that every one face.

What you have to first to check the rejection email in which google points out the issue in your blog all you have to do is just fix these issue from website then to resubmit the application.

Some common response from the AdSense team  for the the disapproval ,So i decided to disclosed fixes to these issues.

1: Thin Content 

Thin Content Means the Copy Paste articles you use from some other website or pages on the website with lesser or low quality content called a thin content, so avoid using these things & Create a unique content.

2: Poor website Loading Speed:

Page Speed is very important Factor Try to optimize website Page loading speed 
Tips :

  • Optimize images:
  • Minify CSS & Javascript
  • Avoid External Script on your page.
  • Don’t Put JS or CSS in the header 
  • Show less ads 
  • Fast Loading theme 

3: Bad navigation :

Means user cannot explore all your web content from the single page so better make sure put all the important categories in the Menu & Properly interlink the Blog.

How to Approve Adsense Account with Website

  • 1: Buy TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • 2: There Must Be 15+ Unique & SEO Optimized Article
  • 3: Website Must have Some Organic Traffic From Google Search
  • 4 :Better Navigation
  • 5: Do not Use another Ads Network Before Applying
  • 6: Use Light Theme to increase page speed
  • 7: Add Important Pages
  • 8: Social Signals
  • 9: Indexation

1: Better Navigation

Related Post:

Make sure the add any plugin for the related post if you are using WordPress, otherwise if you are using BlogSpot or any other platform to host your site then add related post Manually.

Purpose to use these feature is to get the better engagement of user with your page which can helped to maintain the bounce rate.

Bread Crumb:

Bread Crumb is the One of the most Helpful feature to sort out your content under categories . its helps to get interlink your content engage your user more time , So  Search engine can easily Index all pages of blog.

Professionally Designed Theme/template:

Always use premium theme which have all the updated features , e.g, fast loading design, Selection of one good theme can boost your website ranking & google Crawlers will love it.

2: Unique & SEO optimized Content

Your content must be unique & Self created not copied from another source.Content Optimization  inculde’s all these below mentioned points.

  • Short URL/Permalink
  • Proper use of H1 H2 H3 , Headings
  • Minimum 600 Words Article 
  • Page Title & Post Title Optimization
  • Regularly Update Your website

3: Important Pages

These are important Page you must add in your website. Because it increase company/web authenticity & legitimacy , without having these page on your web you can’t Approve AdSense account.

  1. Disclaimer
  2. About us
  3. Contact Us
  4. Privacy Policy

4: Social Signals:

Submit website to Popular Social Websites to show your Business Online Presence 

Such as :: 

  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest Board
  • Google + Page
  • Twitter Profile

5: Indexation

Submit your website to google Search console:

Google Search console is webmaster tool which analyse , Track & Helps to make your website properly indexes in SERP.

Submit Sitemap

Sitemap is place where all your web page are mentioned it helps google to crawl updated pages to index in the search.

Add your website to google Analytics:

To keep monitor traffic submit blog to google analytics.

How To Apply For Google Adsense 

Apply Adsense account

  • Make your gmail account 
  • Log On Adsense.com 
  • Fill your website & Email Address
  • Then simply put ad code in your Header 

    Google will review the website and respond you in 2 working days.

How Many Types Of Google AdSense Account?

There are Two  Types Of Adsense Account
Non-Hosted AdSense: Approve on WordPress site in which google takes only 45% of Share of Publisher income you earn more in this account. 

Blogger Hosted : These are the account which allowed blogspot user to montize their blog without having websites. 


How much traffic required for Adsense Approval ?

Limit Not Defined anywhere Your Must meet the approval criteria you will get your account.

Can I Apply to get approval on blogger With Custom Domain? 

Yes as per as you meet the approval requirement.

Which is Best Option WordPress Or Blogspot?

WordPress Is Recommended.

What is Adsense Approval Time ?

2 or 3 days 

What if Application is Rejected.Can We resubmit AdSense application?

Fix the issue in your blog then re-Apply for AdSense till you approve AdSense account. (Never Give Up)

Can  we  get approve by using Copyright images ?

No it against the Google Policies try use unique image or give the credit if you pick it from some where else.

Is There Any Domain Age requirement?

There is no specific requirement from Google about this query but domain must be 3 month old or if domain is fresh then make sure it is indexes properly in search engine and make social presence.

Which Type of Traffic Is required ?

Organic Traffic is Through Search Engine is the best traffic Google loves , if you are getting search base traffic your adsense will be 100% approved without any rejection. 

Note: Now After Reading this article you will not ask anyone for how to approve AdSense account.

Practice these things & Apply again & again Hopefully after applying 2 or 3 times you will get your own AdSense account.


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